About Us

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What We Do

Pianalytica ltd is a full service digital marketing agency focused primarily on Instagram, established in 2019 from the United Kingdom. 

Our expertise lie under few but the most important social media platforms to date. With YouTube being the biggest video-sharing platform and Instagram being the biggest photo-sharing platform in the world makes our expertise a perfect combination for your needs.  

In having a great success on social media platforms it is necessary for businesses or individuals to have a well built and functional end product. Our development team covers exactly that portion of the puzzle being a true Full Service Digital Marketing Agency.

Our Vision

World is moving forward and so do we, prepared.
When every single one of us is constantly bombarded with new updates of algorithms, new trends and new opportunities we are here for you.

Our vision is to create a phenomenal, ever-lasting and automated experience for you and your story in our world. Your focus should be in your area of expertise as is ours. 

Only by giving up on your marketing to us will move you forward.

Get In Our Team


We are looking for a creative with at least 3 years of experience in UI/UX design and is familiar with PSD, XD, Figma, Sketch.

Experience in Minimalistic Design and Neumorphism.


We are looking for a developer with at least 5 years of experience in PHP, JS and Python Development.

Knows his way around large databases and API's.

Content Creator

We are looking for a content creator from the United Kingdom with at least of 1 year of experience. 

Send us some samples of your work and we'll contact you back right away!

Growth Expert

We are looking for Growth Experts and Virtual Assistants with at least 1 year of experience in Instagram. Preferably freelancing experience.

If accepted - obligatory one month of paid learning program from us.

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